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The Vong I Titanium by Dynavap Bangkoks Finest

The VonG (i) – Elevate Your Smoking Experience in Bangkok

In the vibrant, bustling streets of Bangkok, where every experience is an adventure, there’s something extraordinary that’s making waves among cannabis enthusiasts. It’s called The VonG (i), and it’s not just a water piece vaporizer; it’s the Rolls Royce of smoking equipment.

Feature Spotlight

The VonG (i) has taken the smoking scene by storm with its remarkable features:

  1. Titanium Sleeve: Crafted with a titanium sleeve, it’s not just sturdy; it’s built to last. With various interchangeable sleeve options, you can customize your experience according to your mood.
  2. Durability and Easy Cleaning: This is the most durable VonG yet. It can handle the rigors of Bangkok’s dynamic lifestyle and is easy to disassemble for hassle-free cleaning.
  3. Adjustable Airflow: Enjoy a smooth rotation for easy-to-control airflow. Whether you’re in a crowded urban café or a tranquil park, you can tailor your vaping experience to perfection.
  4. Adjust-a-Bowl Feature: The Titanium Tip is a game-changer with its Adjust-a-Bowl feature, allowing you to customize the size of the dosing chamber. It’s ideal for microdosing, perfect for those moments when you want to savor every bit.
  5. Comfortable Design: The VonG (i) features a form-fitting profile that rests comfortably in your hand, ensuring your smoking experience is as ergonomic as it is enjoyable.
  6. Water Piece Compatibility: It boasts a tapered mouthpiece that fits snugly into both 10mm and 14mm female water piece openings.
  7. Versatile Storage: It comes with a Captive Cap and conveniently fits in any standard size DynaStash or SlimStash, making it easy to take with you.

Why Invest in the Vong (i)

The VonG (i) isn’t just a smoking accessory; it’s an investment in a premium, long-lasting experience. Its Adjust-a-Bowl feature ensures that it caters to your specific preferences, making it perfect for the eclectic community of smokers in Bangkok.

What’s more, this vaporizer is built like a tank, without any electronic components to worry about. This means you have the freedom to take it wherever you go in this dynamic city, and the independence to use virtually any heat source. That’s right, you can now enjoy consistent and flavorful vapor from your dry herb or concentrates while stretching your stash.


The VonG (i) is your passport to a world of elevated smoking experiences. In the heart of Bangkok, where choices abound, this Rolls Royce of vaporizers stands tall. It’s more than just a smoking device; it’s a statement.

Take your smoking to the next level with The VonG (i). Whether you’re in a high-energy Bangkok club, lounging by the Chao Phraya River, or simply relaxing in Lumpini Park, this water piece vaporizer promises a consistently delightful experience.

Ready to explore the world of The VonG (i)? Visit The Lost Samurai and discover why this exceptional vaporizer is the top choice among Bangkok’s discerning smoking connoisseurs. Your next level of smoking sophistication awaits.

Find out more by visiting the store – https://maps.app.goo.gl/Lq8tHZcpBa3XgJLZ9

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